PT. Plymilindo Perdana is purpose of the company establishment was to provide supporting materials, various tools and machinery spare parts which was needed for plywood industry, paints and adhesives.
The company has remain focused in its business viz :

  1. The Manufacture of Green & Dry Veneer Tapes,
  2. Hot Melt Glue for Plywood,
  3. Polyester Yarn,
  4. Wood & Oak Putty,
  5. Carbon Metal for Dryer Machine,
  6. The supply of Grinding Wheel, Plywood Electricity & Machinery spare parts,
  7. Decorative Paints by Solitex,
  8. Adhesives for Wood Working and Paper to Paper type
  9. etc


Providing the best quality wall paint with water-based ingredients


  1. Achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best products and services in the field of water-based wall paint
  2. Customer satisfaction on products while still prioritizing environmentally friendly technology
  3. Achieving international level company management in collaboration between staff, efficiency, business ethics, and continuous improvement of innovation